About Us

Adrenochrome Labs Inc is 100% Canadian. We have a 6000sqf facility in Victoria BC dedicated to making eliquid and only eliquid!. Our cleanroom is 1000sqf and based on ISO 8 standards. We pride ourselves on making American Quality Eliquid right here in Canada. It costs much more to do it right however we believe that all companies shouldn't worry as much about there bottom line as quality comes first!. Our lines to date are Fogging Awesome Ejuice(Fucking Awesome Ejuice), DRINX and Vice Cream with 5 more lines to come this year alone!. As an international brand you can expect only the best customer service and quality out of us!. We run a small team of 8 crew and utilize machinery to our advantage. With a small team we are able to ensure quality control as well as pay our employees a much better wage. Even during the hard times with the Canadian dollar we have kept our prices the same and will remain to do so!. Right now is the best time for international vendors to buy our products which is why Adrenochrome Labs Inc does so well internationally. If you ever have any concerns or questions feel free to ask!