How long will one 30ml bottle of ejuice last?

One bottle will last anywhere from 1 day to 30+ days. It all depends if your a cloud chaser or a casual vaper.

Is your E-juice compatible with my device?

Our E-juice can be used with all electronic cigarette devices. The viscosity is also thin enough to be used in tanks too!

If I have allergies is it okay to use your products?

We do not recommend our products to those with allergies. Our products are use at your own risk.

Does your E-juice contain PG?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is we do not add any extra PG. We used some flavors that are PG based as they are not available any other way however we pride ourselves on being MAX VG.

Where is your product made?

Our products are all made in Victoria, BC Canada. We do not outsource any work and oversee all manufacturing at our facility here!

Is your E-juice safe?

Adrenochrome labs takes quality very seriously. We only buy the highest quality ingredients and have strict quality control measures. We are truly a premium E-juice brand. That being said you are using our products at your own risk as E-juice has not had enough long term evidence to prove safe when using for long periods of time.

Do your products contain nicotine?

Yes our products do contain nicotine. Please refer to all studies done on nicotine to safety and addictive potential. If you aren’t educated about nicotine you should not be using this product.

Does your E-juice contain diacetyl?

Some of our juice contain trace amount of diacetyl or diketones. We are well under the Canadian guidelines for safe levels of Diacetyl in our E-juice.

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