DRINX Sample Pack

We all know just how Intimidating it can be try out new juice!
Now you don't have to worry because we got you covered....

In this 10 ml sample pack, you get every flavor from our DRINX line. So you can find you favorite before you go and buy that big bottle you've always dreamed about!

Blue Razzberry DRINX

Nothing brings a person back to those innocent joys of childhood quite like the flavor of blue raspberry. Everyone's favorite slushy brought to life in an Eliquid so you can take it anywhere and everywhere... No freezer required!
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Caramel Frappy DRINX

Can you really beat the taste of a fresh Caramel Frappy in the morning? We didn't think so either, that's why we took all the amazing flavor of that fresh cup and put it in a bottle. With hints of Coffee, Cream and most importantly Caramel it's the perfect way to start your day, with out the need to buy one of those expensive cappuccino machine.
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Pink Lemonade DRINX

Probably the most popular variation on lemonade. The famous flavor that reminds us all of hot summer days, mixed with the sweet strawberry taste we all crave.
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Root Beer Float DRINX

Who doesn't love a delicious Root Beer Float? A frothy mug filled with cool, creamy ice cream and refreshing Root Beer. It makes for one of the tastiest drinks, especially on a hot summer day. Our team of flavor experts has now given you the power to take this rich, refreshing taste with you wherever life takes you.
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Strawberry Champ DRINX

Champagne is probably one of the world's most renowned wines, commonly associated with important celebrations (Engagements, Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries). Who doesn't want to relive these amazing memories? Well, now you can! Bring back those happy memories with the crisp, clean taste of champagne, with notes of strawberry and smoothed off with a hint of cream.
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